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SENSOR TIMING - Project 1979  
SRCT-System Prototype 1979


Sensor-coupled timer on a ski.                      IR-transponder in a housing (attached to a slalom -
Start/Stop is triggered automatically              pole). The IR-beam, emitted by thetransponder,
when passing IR-transponders.                     detected by a IR-sensor.

The device, shown in the images, was first tested by me personally in 1979 on the
"Dachstein"(Austria). Some refer to such a measuring system as a
"subjective/passive timekeeping system". I referred to it as"SRCT", or simply: "SensorTiming".

In the summer of 1978 I presented the device to the known Austrian timekeeping-company
"ALGE-Timing".My hope was for a good cooperation with the company and to show my good will, I distributed their timing units in parts of Austria for about 5 years. ALGE itself had never seen such a system before and were extremely impressed.

At that time, my main professional focus was "track measurement" - (I was employed
as designer in a company for track tamping machines in Linz/Austria). As such, I had to juggle 3 jobs at the same time, often working more than 16 hours a day. In the beginning, the employer had got no blind idea of my projects...

The "SRCT"-device, shown above, could at the time already have been used for material testing.
However, there were still some problems with erroneous measurement activations when
experiencing strong impacts while skiing. This problem was solved and fixed one year later.


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