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SENSOR TIMING - Project 1980  
SRCT-System Prototype 19



In the summer of 1980 the device was further improved. The sensor-timers were completely integrated into so-called "Parablack" (crossover protection spoiler on the front ski shovel, popular in the 70's!), and could be removed with simple manual action from the ski shovel. When not in use, the Parablack spoiler was replaced. The problem with timer self-activation by strong vibrations on the ice etc. was eliminated through a special filter circuit.

3 Infrared emitter circuits (ref. A, B and C) were integrated into slalom poles. An IR-rod consisted of 2 parts with bayonet lock, the upper part contained all the electronics with the off/on switch at the upper end, and the lower part contained the rechargeable NiCd batteries.

In October 1980, the first successful trial took place with the Austrian ladies' ski team in Val Senales (South Tyrol/ Italy), mainly by Erika Gfrerer (now: Whittaker) and Krenn. Unfortunately, the batteries ran out due to extremely low temperatures (-22 C). As a result, I changed to usual (thicker) slalom poles, in which LR-14 batteries instead of AA-size (LR-6) could be installed..

In December 1980, an other test was completed with the Austrian Ski Federation (Ladies Ski Team) in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee (Austria), which ran smoothly and was very successful. We used 4 transponder poles, and measured total time together with split times. Intermediate time was measured with the sensor timer on the left ski and total time with the timer on the right ski.


For these tests, the Austrian Ski competitors Rosi Aschenwald and Roswitha Steiner made themselves available. The former Austrian coach Kurt Hoch was very excited by the test results.

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