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            A Short Biography Of The Author

    Erich Bieramperl                            

Address:  In der Stockwiesen 3
                     4040 Linz, Austria-EU




The author is designer for electronical hardware and measurement technology. He has been participating in the development of electronically controlled track maintenance machinery and the first railroad track evaluation vehicles in the 70ies.

In 1986 he founded the company "SENSOR TIMING GmbH.(Ltd.)" in Linz/Austria. The author is inventor and holder of several patents. His dominant field is sensor technology and elapse-time-acquisition & -processing, see patents US 4245334
AT 366834AT 397869AT 400028.More than 15 years he studied physics, informatics, neurophysiology, biology and philosophy by intensive private home-studies.

The author wrote several books, manuscripts, and some articles for online- magazines. Besides, he investigated some most important phenomenons in the history: the crisis in the international scene of patenting and licensing, caused by long-lasting repression of individual inventors on the one side, and creativity- exhausting tendencies on the other side.

His new patent US06172941 "Method for the Generation of Selforganizing-Processes in Mechanisms and Organisms" came from experiences he made in the early eighties. At that time some of the most popular athletes in alpine winter sports,  successfully used his self-developed and self-manufactured sensortimer-equipment for purposes of training and testing. 

The author developed and manufactured several different types of pocket- timekeeping-units based on sensor- and RF-techniques. Furthermore, between 1992 and 1998 - though in a phase of financial problems - he developed and manufactured remote-controllable large electronic screens for stadium and sport events.

And finally, the author designed and developed the
first digital micro-recorder based on semiconductor technology (1989); long time before MP3.